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The Best Spring Ever - Why El Niño Makes The Desert Bloom

Photography by Carll Goodpasture
Text by Janice Emily Bowers
Edited by Steven L. Hartman
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The words El Niño make us think of the weather but El Niño is also a biological phenomenon. In the desert Southwest, where ElNiño intensifies cool-season rain, wildflowers respond with spectacular displays, boosting the entire ecosystem. Pocket mice and harvester ants, coyotes and desert tortoises all benefit directly or indirectly from the massive input of flowers, greenery, and seeds that typifies the best El Niño years
Insects and Gardens - In Pursuit of a Garden Ecology

Text by Eric Grissell
Photography by Carll Goodpasture
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A garden is a metaphor for the world we live in. If we can't keep our own back yard going, we aren't going to keep the world going either, especially at the rate we are destroying the environment. More than a hundred of Carll Goodpasture's remarkable color photographs reveal the captivating beauty and vital energy that insects bring to the garden, ans illuminate the intricacies of interdependence that characterize a garden's ecology.
What Flowers Are Really For?

The beauty of flowers so admired by poets isn't for us its for the birds and the bees that pollinate them. When you think of a flower, what first comes to mind? A painter might visualize color, a poet natural harmony. In our dreams it is said that the Lilly symbolizes purity and the rose feminine beauty. We use flowers as metaphors to declare love and to represent life after death. Looking beyond the poetic and aesthetic attributes of flowers, there is an entirely practical form of life: the flowers biological purpose is the survival and the evolution of its species. Perhaps, at least in our mythology, we have failed to appreciate fully the significance of a flower.

Featuring the photography of Carll Goodpasture from the centenial 2000 exhibition at the Smithsonian Institution National Zoological Park entitled "Vanishing Pollinators"

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Terje Vigen's Båt

n the very first beginning
By the still unbounded sea ...

Long before the earth had even Thought which forms to give her stones: ...

Sat poised beside a tidal pool
A man, with his boat and a smile
For the girls, by maidenhair shore

Photography by Carll Goodpasture
Poetry by Gray Sutherland
Published by Imago ANS
Available from: Commentum Forlag
Imagining Place

Photography by Carll Goodpasture
Text by Peter Bevan
Available in UK from
Available in US from http://www.hjemkomst

The work is a personal homage to the spirit of a place. The photography is black and white landscape in a fine art tradition. The photographs were taken in North Dakota and Minnesota at places where in my imagination the first people to inhabit this environment might have walked. They show the land as it might have looked in pre-European time and as it is today. The text consists of inspirational words by indigenous speakers such as Black Elk.

Praise for the book
…a valuable contribution to human-Earth relationships.
– Thomas Berry
I am sure that your deep feeling for the material will come through in very moving ways.
– Charlene Spretnak
The images stir...they stand on their own, just as a good book of photos by Ansel Adams does… I look forward to its arrival in the world.
– Chellis Glendinning
Your book sounds remarkably beautiful; thank you very much for doing it.
– Bill McKibben

Photographs by Carll Goodpasture Essay by Chellis Glendinning- with an interview by Liv Gudmundson and a poem by Gray Sutherland

This book is a gentle advocacy for enviromental awarness

Book available from Carll Goodpasture beginning of
April 2011
spider spider

The Secret Life of Spiders (Edderkoppens Hemmelige Liv)

Spectacular macro and close up photography -
text by Lauritz Sømme, Photography by Carll Goodpasture

Hoover mouse over picture
Før muspil over bilde  
blomster blomster



The Birds and The Bees (Blomster Og Bier)

Spectacular macro and close up photography -
text by Lauritz Sømme, Photography by Carll Goodpasture